“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”


(First photo: Jacalyn and her husband, Justin Hopper. Second photo: Jacalyn and her sister, Sissy Bevan.)

Jacalyn Hopper offers her expertise in many different areas associated with the design process. She works with clients on the custom home build jobs and ¬†works on most of the team’s spec projects. Examples of Jacalyn’s work are featured on the¬† ‘Portfolio‘ page. Over the years, she has taken client’s visions and brought them to life in ways they never imagined! Jacalyn works to blend elements of design in a home that make client’s dreams come true! There are many moving parts during the building process, which start from very early on. Having a designer on staff is a big bonus to clients to take the guess work out of how everything will come together.

Her services are also offered to those who are not building a new home. She works independently with remodels, redesigns, furniture and furnishings.

Contact Jacalyn directly for more information!